Start profiting from horse racing, and stop paying towards the bookmakers holiday fund.....

Bookmakers make millions every year from gamblers who have no idea what they are doing. Don't you think that it is now time for them to start giving you money?

I have been a professional gambler since 1998, and I set up this web site way back in March 2000. The idea was to pass on tips and advice to help those who did not have the endless hours to study form.

The sites success hs surprised me, and the forum now has over 225,000 posts, with members going back many years.

I try to keep things as simple as possible, and do this in two ways. The tips I offer aren't full of waffling meaningless crap, as with other sites. Over the years I have found that all you want is the name of the horse that is most likely to win, or lose in the case of laying.

Profiting from horse racing does not happen overnight, if you are looking to profit every single day, then I will be honest with you, this site is not for you. What you want is a site that offers you horse racing tips that do not profit over the long term, but uses a staking plan that profits will show profits for a while. However, a word of warning: You can make quick money doing it this way, but it is 100% guaranteed that you will lose all of your money at some point.

I will however help you profit over the long term, and if you have any questions, then just ask on the forum, and I am always happy to help. As you can see by the number of posts on the forum, this is a very trusted site.

I have helped many people over the years become professional gamblers, whether that is for extra income, or as a full time job, and I can help you do the same.

Keith Driscoll
Professional Gambler & Owner of Win2Win Racing

Profits Every Year For Over 10 Years

One thing I will never do, and that is lie to you. You have probably seen other sites saying that they made £18,826 profit in one month. That maybe true, but does it give a true picture over a year? I usually profit around 10 out of 12 months every year.

No one can guarantee a profit every month when it comes to gambling. Also, figures such as those mentioned above are probably based on a £100 stake, so in reality, they only made 18pts profit. That's good, but it doesn't look as impressive does it?

What I Will Supply You WithProfitable Win And Lay BetsProfessional Gambling AdviceWhat You Get By Joining Win2Win Racing1 To 1 Betting Advice Via The Forum15 Years Of Pro-Gambling ExperienceInstant AccessProven Year After Year

I have seen a lot of other tipping sites plastered with pictures of betting accounts showing thousands of pounds of profit. This is a waste a of time, as they are easily faked, and I do not think you are that gullible. What you need is someone who will supply you with profitable tips over the long term, and give you personal help. That is why I am here.

I could also publish a load of testimonials, but they are very easy to fake. With some members having been on my forum for over 10 years, you can clearly see that they think a lot about this site.

If you are willing to be patient, and bet the same way as a professional, then I can help you. I always recommend that you start with a betting bank between £50 to £200, and learn how to profit for a while. When you build up your own confidence, they you can increase stakes, but not before.

Tips Available The Night Before
Trainer And Jockey Statistics

6 Lists You Can Use For Profit

Trainer Favourites  - This is a list of all the favourites than ran for each trainer for 2010-12.
Trainer All Odds – This list contains every runner the trainer has had.
Trainer 10 Cut Off – This is the same as the above list but has a Betfair odds cut-off of 10.
Jockey Favourite – This is a list of all the favourites than ran for each jockey.
Jockey All Odds – This list contains every runner the jockey has had.
Jockey 10 Cut Off – This is the same as the above list but has a Betfair odds cut-off of 10.

NH Lays - Profit Machine System
2004 +28
2005 +84
2006 +25
2007 +64
2008 +12
2009 +70
2010 +48
2011 +89
2012 +39
2013 +41

(All profit to Betfair SP, less 5% comms)

2009 +156
2010 +77
2012 +53
(All profit to Betfair SP, less 5% comms)

Flat LayemSystem Pack 1 - 4 Systems

AW Fillies

2009 +96
2010 +67
2011 +58
2013 +105

Mark Johnston

2009 +136
2010 +118
2011 +98
2012 +95
2013 -5

(All profit to Betfair SP, less 5% comms)

John Gosden

2009 +2
2010 +92
2011 +64
2012 +88
2013 +71

Fav Tracks

2009 +6
2010 +48
2011 +55
2012 +9

1 Month


+ Bonus 1,2 & 3
(Package worth £80)

3 Months

£90 £70

+ Bonus 1,2,3 & 4
(Package worth £170)

Pro-Bets Show Over 100 Points Profit Each YearThe Pro-Losers Are 480 Points In Profit Over The Last 12 Months

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