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We all like a bet now and again, but not many people actually have the time to go through the form, especially as so much of it is available these days. So as it is human nature to be as lazy as possible these days, a lot of people will scour the internet to try and find decent free betting tips. Finding them is easy though, but finding ones that show a profit is much harder. The main question is whether profitable free bets actually exist or not. Yes they do, and as there are a wide variety of sports, this article will concentrate on free football tips.

Football Free Bets v Premium Services

Now it is normal to think that a premium rate football tipping service will produce a lot more profit than a free bet service. However, this is not always the case. For a start, a premium site will either involve a phone call, which would cost you between £1.50 and £5 a call, or it will have a subscription, and some sites charge £100 a month, if not more, so that can take a huge chunk out of any potential profits. Some of these services need to advertise every day due to the high turnover of clients, and that is not a good sign.

A free site will spend little, if anything at all on advertising. If they are any good, then word of mouth and recommendations alone are enough to keep the visitors flooding in.

Although you will find many reviews of a service online, be careful, as some of them will likely be sales pages. There is only one way of finding out if a football tipping service is any good, and that is by following the information live. Now obviously that means you could pay out a lot of money to test the premium services, so ignore them altogether to start with, and just concentrate on the free ones.

Most sites will include results from the past, so you can use them as a basis to compare the live results you are tracking. You will need at least 100 live results before you can make a decision on whether a service is any good or not. If the stats from your 100 is similar to those of previous results the site supplies, then you can trust those results.

Remember that you can find tips on Facebook and Twitter as well, they are not always solely on a web site these days. Whatever you do, never follow a tipster betting real money without doing some paper trading first. Do not expect to make fast profits either, all betting involves losers, and make sure that you have accounts with a number of betting accounts so that you always get the best price.

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