Bet Angel Review

Bet Angel Pro is a program made by exchange traders. It includes various vital capabilities which have been missing from the regular marketplace. It has been built to be a product with regular enhancements and amendments as the exchanges develop over time.

On the market since the start of 2005, serious traders have used Bet Angel since its release. Created for use on Betfair and Betdaq, Bet Angel has been designed to be a leading edge program for trading on betting exchanges. Letting you carefully control your positions in and out of the market. Brand new features never seen before on common betting exchange software lets you maximise the exchange market potential. Functions for example kill or fill offsetting make certain that orders can be placed in the exchange market making sure false or partly filled up orders can automatically be filled or not filled quickly increasing your profit margin potential.

Automatic, intelligent and trailing stop losses furthermore permit you to trade very easily in the market with the knowledge that in case a position moves against you, your trade shall be closed in efficiently. It is also possible to open a position in the exchange market and walk away from the monitor allowing Bet Angel Pro to take care of everything for you.

The trading window gives amazing trading tools to your computer. Making use of the unique charting features you now can check out enhanced trading data right in front of your own eyes and after that take positions in the market making use of the trading resources in front of you. View the charts and then use one click betting to take a position using Bet Angels highly developed trading specialist tools.

In case you are observing highly liquid and volatile markets such as horse racing then just use the charts to monitor price moving averages as they pass across the screen surrounded by the unique price predicting ‘price envelope’. The price envelope maps out the predicted price movement in the market you happen to be following. Watch as the momentum indicator informs you where the odds are about to move to and use the price envelope to frame that movement.

I have already been using Bet Angel Pro now for approximately 8 years and use it for several reasons. The main one is certainly trading, but it is a good tool for dutching and making a book on any sporting event. The application is perfect for the newbie and the expert. They provide excellent guides and videos to ensure you get the most out of the program. So is this worth getting? Certainly. More….



Bet Angel Review