Betting Rules

Never chase your losses, back what you intended at the beginning of the day, and keep to your normal stakes. If your having a drink, write your bets & stakes down before you start. Better still, DO NOT touch alcohol when betting, their is a reason why bookmakers are found near pubs!

Many gambles are set for Claimers & Sellers, so make sure you’re aware of the word on the course before backing a selection. The same principle applies to most races on the All Weather, especially around holiday periods, and trainers birthdays.

Do not back in Amateur or Apprentice races unless you are sure both of the horse and the jockey, they are generally just schooling races for jockeys.

You should not have to study every race, eventually you will realise what horse races you are best at, so concentrate on them.

Always check on the draw in large fields, it can be the difference between your horse getting a run or not, and the ground can effect the draw on some tracks.

Try not to be swayed by reports or tips on horses in newspapers, unless they are proven successful. (Remember; if there so good at picking winners, why are they working for a paper?, and the majority have to select a horse in every race. Do you think they have the time to study them all?)

Always re-check ground conditions on the day, and during racing, this country is well known for drastic changes within hours. Never believe the official course going, watch the first race, and listen to what the jockeys say.

Take it easy at the beginning of each season; the form can take a couple of months to sort it’s self out. AW horse in winning form, will not always run the same on turf.

Be careful of odds-on Novice Chasers, as they are only learning, and are prone to mistakes.

Try to avoid backing ante-post, unless you are sure your horse will run, and the price will have contracted on the day.

DO NOT back fun bets (i.e., Yankees, Canadians, etc.,), as these pay for the bookies holidays.
I will occasionally do a Trixie (3x Doubles,1x Treble), but never when the return odds of 2 selections will be less than my outlay. Always write down every bet you do. Even if it’s 10p E/w. They all count against profit/loss.

If you have followed a handicap horse that is on a winning run, and it is unplaced in a large field, in one of the major handicap races of the season, always back it on its next run, as once it returns to its usual grade, they often continue were they left off.

The SCOOP6 is worth a small interest each week. I have won the place portion on a few occasions, perming no more than 4 lines.

Avoid Favs in Heavy ground. Front runners in this type of ground at certain tracks can be very profitable.

Always take note of top jockeys traveling to the races for just one ride. Also note top Newmarket trainers traveling to Scottish tracks.

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