Betting Tip 11 – Getting Your Bets On

I Was Asked, do the bookies still close accounts? With internet betting the bookmakers have more control over what they can lay-off, and so getting bets on is not much of a problem. You have to remember they are trying to attract the big Asian players who have been known to have £1M bets on the football, so they can’t refuse, or limit them to a 10p Yankee!! Some internet bookmakers will limit your bets if you’re winning too much, especially the Big 3, but the other main one’s like VCBET will usually accept bets no problem, even if you’re winning in the long-term.

One line of thought for bookmakers is that you eventually gain enough confidence with your winning streak to raise your game, and when you hit a losing streak they get all the money back plus more usually. Some bookmakers cater for pro-gamblers as it is a way of getting ‘inside information’. If they know Mr X wins consistently and has backed Horse A, they can reduce the price on that one so no one wants to back it with them but put all the others runners prices out to attract more customers.

You can of course get what you want on at the race track. JP McManus, and M Tabor make £1000’s out of betting but they still manage to get on.

My advice is to have as many betting accounts as possible. This offers 2 advantages. You have a better variety of prices available, and you can spread your bets so that one bookmaker is not picking up on your trends.

You can still have credit accounts closed these days, but betting on the internet should not be problem. If you ever do have a problem, give VCBet a call, he’s well known for taking on the big boys, it obviously works for him in the long run, as he’s not stupid.

However to prevent any ‘getting’ on’ issues, use a betting exchange such as Betfair.

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