Betting Tip 15 – Backing Odds On Horses

ODDS-ON HORSES – There are a number of punters that consider odd-on betting a no-no, as they seem to believe this is not value! This is due to them looking for that big priced winner, even at the price of ignoring a winner. You will find that the majority of these people will struggle to break even, let alone make a profit.

Bookmakers are betting odds-on in 99.9% of cases on each runner, and yet they make a profit. They also have the disadvantage of having to bet every horse. You have a choice, and with enough knowledge & experience you will learn which one’s to ignore.

With tax free betting, odd-on runners can now be used by anyone to turn a profit.

Anyone who says that horse Y will win, but at 2/5, is not value , so they back X horse in the race instead, have lost there marbles, and are the bookies pal.

The art is selecting which one’s you should back, and that my friend is your homework.

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