Betting Tip 17 – Pyschology and the Bookmakers

The majority of you probably think of the bookies as the old enemy, money thief, Satan even!!

If you do, then your probably one of the many 1,000,000’s of people giving them money, and getting very little back. This is negative thought, and any negative thought in betting leads to your downfall.

So what can you do about it, and what difference does it make what you think of your bookie?

Well all my bookies are my friend; in fact anyone who gives me money is a friend. Wouldn’t that be the same for you? As soon as you believe that the bookmaker is the nice man who supplies your beer money for a Saturday night, or that new kitchen appliance, then you’re on the road to improving your returns already.

Most punters think you can win £1,000’s a day, and buy a yacht one week, and a new car the next when you’re a Pro, but your dreaming, it takes hours of work to turn a reasonable profit each month.

If you also think your friendly bookie will happily hand over £1,000’s a day too you, guess what? You’ve got to be joking. If you run a business, and were giving the same customer money each day for nothing, would you still do business with him? Sure you wouldn’t.

If you keep trying to bankrupt a bookie, he will show you the respect you deserve for your attitude, and close your account. This is not bad nasty bookie, but common sense.

Now if you know your going to make money, and the bookie knows your going to make money, you have too regulate to a set amount each week, and then he’ll be able to lay off your bets, and he will also accept that the bets you put on are also supplying him with decent info. This way you can have a reasonable relationship, although they may still limit your maximum bet. (There are ways around this, but I’m not telling you).

If working from home, you will have to plan your betting like a military mission for each punt, and spread it all around.

If you want to bet £1,000’s, then the only answer is to do battle on the track, or on a betting exchange, and once your earning this much, you still have to use the same principle as above.

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