Betting Tip 18 – On Course Tips from the Pro-Gamblers

Just a quick tip, but one that should help you discover more winners while on the track.

Before racing starts, hang around the bookmakers looking for the any punters placing a good wad of money on a horse. If he/she is wearing a suit, it’s probably best ignoring them, as these are business men trying to impress their clients, or boss, and probably don’t have a clue which end the head is on.

If they look like average Joe Punter, but are betting big, they may be a pro. Your probably best keeping watch for a few, rather than concentrating on the one person as you could be wrong.

Watch which horses he/she bets on, and watch the race. If that horse wins, or goes well, watch to see what their next horse is they bet on. Again, watch the race, and the next one. After that, if you consider this person to have decent knowledge to can follow what he does for the rest of the day.

We don’t mind people doing that, as we can’t hide what we do, although some do get piddled off. Don’t follow in our shadow though, as you will get a few choice words, as you wouldn’t like being tailed by a strange looking person would you?

You can approach pro’s on the track, although they might not give you the days selections, in case you nick the prices, the majority will offer you advice, and a few pointers for the future.

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