Betting Tip 22 – 10 Betting Rules

1. Your profits are measured in years, not days.

2. If you do not use a betting bank you will fail.

3. Use level stakes, once successful you can then improve your profitability with a staking plan.

4. If you do not use the betting exchanges, you are throwing money away.

5. Never chase losses, their are another 20+ races tomorrow.

6. After a good or bad day, forget it after the last race, start work on tomorrow.

7. Do not drink alcohol and bet.

8. If you spend your winnings, you will never build your betting bank up.

9. If you make 5% profit in a year, that is still more than the High Street bank, and more fun.

10. Join Win2Win for a month, and have direct advice from the pro’s.

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