So Is Tennis Trader Profitable? Tennis Trader Review

Tennis Trader Review

Tennis Trader is a comprehensive tennis trading system designed for use on Betfair. The manual contains trading methods and tennis betting strategies that will enable you to engineer and secure profitable no risk situations regardless of the final result.

Win2Win Racing Comments

I’ve been profiting from gambling since the late 90′s, mostly horse racing, although I do make money from poker and Forex if I have the time and need a change for a few hours. In 2010 however I was looking at other sports and tennis cropped up. Now I know how the game works but had no data on how the stats played out so I contacted someone who knows a lot about the sport and he recommended Tennis Trader to me.

Strangely, the system seemed to be very easy, in fact so easy I thought it must be a scam, and the fact it’s only £25, which is cheap these days for a betting system, I didn’t hold out much hope for it.

This is a trading system, but don’t let that put you off, this system is so easy to follow, you simply need a Betfair account, no fancy betting bots, although using something like Betangel Free can help. So even if you have never traded on Betfair before this is probably the best way to get into it. Trading tennis is also good in that you can use a stake of £100 but you are only risking a small percentage of it, as long as you trade out after the point you are trading on is over, win or lose, do not let it ride, as you then expose yourself to a higher potential loss.

The Ebook actually contains one system, however this can actually be split up to a number of systems depending on how you want to trade the markets. Personally I stick to the mens game, although this is more to do with not having the time to cover the women. The womens game is also more volatile so it’s worth concentrating on breaks with them, but not with the men, which is more likely to go to form.

To start with it’s worth just following 3-4 of the trading entry points, and the ebook makes it clear which ones are the best to follow. This is all I actually do, and make very good profits during the majority of games. I also ignore mens games when the Fav is 1/5 on or less, as you don’t get many market swings.

So is tennis trader profitable? A definite YES. Worth every penny, and so simple to follow even if you have never traded before, and you don’t even need to see the game live, just use the live scoring on the main sites such as ATP, WTP, etc.

Stay away from doubles games, and low ranking players at the start of a tournament as the money on Betfair may be low, make sure plenty of £££’s are being trader before entering the market, and it is best to stick to just trading the Fav when you start.

Buy it now and start profiting from tennis trading. Always learn to profit with small stakes first before stepping it up.

 Tennis Trader Review

Horse Betting System: Smart Bet Wizard Review

Smart Bet Wizard Review


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Win2Win Racing Comments

Smart Bet Wizard has been around for a good few years, and is pretty much a top seller, and according to the sales stats I have of it they issue very few refunds, so folk either think it is worth the money, or can’t be bothered claiming the money back (and I doubt that).

Due to the popularity of this software you will find 100′s of listing of it on Google, most though are sales copies just trying to flog you it without passing on any useful info, others are folk slagging it off, but you will always get them for every product available on the planet. I mean who rushes to the internet to say something they buy is fantastic? On the other hand if it breaks, and customer service is poo, you will have a moan on the internet somewhere.

Anyway, back to Smart Bet Wizard. It consists of 3 systems, which mainly pick favourites, so the SR should be OK, and software that works out your stakes. It’s all simple enough to use, and the new version now imports a file sent daily so you no longer need to type anything in. Most other products would charge monthly for this, but you just pay the one-off charge, and that’s it, and you can be confident you will still be getting the files in years to come.

From what I am aware, the staking plan is not a loss recovery scheme, so you should have decent enough bank protection.

So is it worth buying? Well with all the info & the software you get, plus the daily updates, it is very cheap for long term use. You do get the 8 week money back guarantee, and that is plenty of time to see how much you can profit (or lose!).


Smart Bet Wizard Review


Horse Betting System: The Betting Profits Formula Review

Betting Profits FormulaCLAIMS

This is the same system I used to break free from a grimy life pulling weeds out of other people’s gardens in the scorching summer sun 4 years ago.

I hated that job. Frankly, I hated all my day jobs.

The idea of being trapped somewhere I can’t stand and “putting my time in” sounds a lot like prison life to me.

I knew there had to be a better way to make money. A way to use my head instead of my hands. I’m not a math genius or the son of a gambling guru. But I love the thrill of sports betting.

So, I spent a lot of time and any extra money I had testing formulas on the exchanges. And I began winning enough to see patterns…

Win2Win Racing Comments

The above statements are the usual sales copy for this type of thing, so what makes this one different form all the others? Well for a start, their are a decent number of independent reviews concerning this product, and I can not find a negative one.

Now this is not something the seller says will churn out £100,000′s as some others do. Rather than selling a single system and filling an eBook with 100 pages of waffle to make it look more, this product is actually made up of six modules covering numerous different ways of betting. It is basically a number of strategies for making profits on Betfair. It does not just cover horse racing, it covers all sports, and gives out plenty of examples of numerous strategies, and appears to do it very well indeed.

It contains a lot of information for beginner’s so more experienced gamblers can skip it, this still leaves a hell of a lot of information to take in though. The methods and systems that are supplied in the package I am told do work, and work well in the real world. So whether you are new to betting, laying, trading, etc, or have been doing it for years, you will learn something useful in this package, and knowledge is power.

 Betting Profits Formula Review