Does a Simple Profitable Exchange Betting System Exist?

I know from my days of gambling before I turned professional that a Holy Grail must exist, and it’s the thought of winning big or finding the magic system that makes us bet again and again, and of course losing long term. Most punters will spend their whole life doing this, and losing £1,000’s every year.

So does the betting Holy Grail exist? Of course it does and there are actually 1000’s of them!!! More professional gamblers exist than you could guess, as the majority keep their heads down. Some have found a way of trading on Betfair that makes long term profits, other systems that show profits whether it be winning or laying.

Around 0.7% of exchange users are classed as pro-gamblers in that they make more than £10,000 profit a year, but many more make less than that each year. If you are building up small betting banks then you’ll be in the ‘nearly a pro-gambler’ category.

Making some systems public can make them worthless in the long term, but with an exchange that rarely is the case these days as a heavily followed system can still show a positive ROI% after years.

Although I’ve made money from gambling for years, I’m always looking for new profitable angles, the search never stops, and with so much software and online information these days it’s not as difficult as in ‘ye olde days’ when everything had to be done by going through a form book a few 1000 pages thick!!

Anyway, the question in the title was Does a Simple Profitable Exchange Betting System Exist? And the answer is yes, many, many of them, and I’m going to pass one on today.

Now this is a very simple betting exchange system, I do use it myself, and I have made good money with it over the last 5 years. The qualifiers must be laid to lose, this is NOT a win system, it is a LAY system. Now don’t expect it to make you rich, you will have to have a large starting bank, which you shouldn’t use, always start small and let the system build up the bank. The overall strike rate is around 87%, and should be part of a portfolio of systems with different SR’s. I sell other systems that have proven profitable of years.

The longest winning run is 32, and losing run is 3. While the highest winning odds was 8.

Year Runners Won SR PL
2008 68 6 8.82 34.11
2009 87 10 11.49 33.1
2010 101 17 16.83 -2.42
2011 93 14 15.05 15.51
2012 88 10 11.36 26.98


On with this profitable horse racing system you are looking for.

Rule 1: Completely ignore ALL AW races, but include all other races in the UK & Ireland.
Rule 2: The race title must contain the word AMATEUR. It can be a handicap or non-handicap.
Rule 3: Horse must be 2nd Fav or joint 2nd Fav in the betting. Use a live bookmaker site like Ladbrokes to see what the likely SP odds will be just before the off.
Rule 4: LAY any qualifiers on the BETTING EXCHANGE.

That’s it!!! You couldn’t really have a more simple betting system than that!

If you are working during the day, you can use BSP (Betfair Starting Price) and find the likely 2nd Fav on the Racing Post card. This will result in reduced profits, but you will still profit long term.