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Conversation Between Street cry and Godspot

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  1. Matthare's false fav's thread - I appreciate everyone may have been a little hot under the collar at the time due to that nutbar Phenonmen but my comment (page 10 I think) was only observations of trawling through his selections but now I'm a little miffed at your contradiction of the quick reappearance method/system which you now seem all for over on one of Mich's threads, that is more recent & I have replied to that.

    I'll let you have a look at it before I say anymore...
  2. Firstly which post and when ???? Secondly threatening negative repuation points on an ongoing basis is a potential banning offence. I have no interest in orchestrating such an action myself and am struggling in truth to remember the post please enlighten me.
  3. Please remove that neg rep you gave me for spending around three hours of my time innocently trying to help a fellow forum member - otherwise you're getting some every time I see your profile - just as soon as I find out how to dish it out - you're getting some!
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