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Conversation Between Street cry and Matunty

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  1. Hi Street Cry. I have opened a thread which has created a bit of interest. I have just returned to this forum after spending months developing a system which appears to be yeilding results. You can follow the thread. Your 'tag' was mentioned so I hope you don't mind me contacting you as I am extremely interested in back checking my system and another member suggested that you might be able to help me. I have been developing a system based on RP top speed rated horses which were 3rd LTO. It probably isn't unique but after 100 bets i want to check it with a reliable database such as the Adrian Massey one. After 100 bets, 1 level stakes, win only, has returned 32%. Does anyone else have a similar system? Does anyone know of a reliable system builder that I can input my variables in order to test it over a longer period? Thanks. Steve
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