I came across this site some months ago, and as always I like to give things a 3-4 month run before passing on any good or bad information.

The service is run by a guy named Terry, and he answers emails, unlike some other services I know of. A PDF eBook is supplied once a month, which is what you pay for, but the cost also includes the qualifiers for a free Lay system you get during weekdays via email.

So what is the service? Basically, Terry reviews betting services, system eBooks, etc, and gives you a review of a few of them each month. The bottom line is he saves you money by pointing out the good from the bad. Heís never mentioned Derek Thompsonís tipping service though, but then we all know how good that is (not)!!!

Each month the PDF is delivered via email, and contains around 5 reviews, free system stats update, and the Profit Wall: A list of past reviews categorised into Good, Bad, and Maybe!

The reviews do a good job of passing on as much information as possible without giving any secrets out when reviewing systems. He usually tells you what the sales jargon is, and then gives you the bottom line.

Most services reviewed you will never have heard of, as obviously once youíve found Win2Win you donít need to go anywhere else!!! 

All sports are covered, not just horse racing, although the majority are for donkey betting.

I do have one niggle with it, it would be nice to see monthly, or at least quarterly updates on the services just to make sure they are doing what they should. Iím aware this is a big job for one guy.

Saying that, it still gives you a general idea of most of the services, and will save you the subscription cost if you are one of those people who keep trying everything, and getting nowhere.

So what about the free system included? This is a Lay system, but full rules supplied, and I've been running the Lays around 4 months now.

I started with a £200 test bank, staking 1.5% Fixed Stake, and this got to just over £500 before a terrible run, which as good as wiped the bank out. Because I switched to paper trading I saved 35% of the bank, but as the majority of punters would give up here, and go elsewhere, those who understand gambling know that is totally the wrong way to handle a broken bank. When you first start any betting bank, it is at higher risk then, than at any other time, as long as you are using risk management to add protection as the profits grow that is.

Anyway, Bank 2 now stands at £1,077.67, although Iíve had a three of decent priced winners lately which put a bit of a dent in it, the SR is still holding well. The bank has peaked at £1,268.43

Now if you are not a pro or semi-pro, best advice is that if you double your bank, withdraw the initial bank value, and start again. That way you can never effectively lose anything. If you do that, you are giving yourself an edge over 99% of other punters who would never consider doing that because of greed, and it is greed that keeps the majority of punters chasing there tail.

Strike rate is a solid 89%, which is more than enough to show long term profits.

Now my test includes weekend selections, which are not supplied by email, but as the rules are supplied, you just do them yourself. I also cross reference them with Win2Win qualifiers, and as Win bets have a higher ROI% than Lays, I void any duplicate Lays.

The only other thing different I do is ignore Flat>NH & NH>Flat form.
IE. On a NH race you may see the form 328-67, now Terry includes all that form, but if you look on the RP site you may just see 67 for that horse under NH. This is because the site the system gets the qualifiers from mixes flat and NH form, and counts it as one. That to me is a definite no-no as flat form does not transfer to NH very well, and so you are using data that is random, and it is best not to use it at all. The same goes for NH form transferring to the flat.

So what is the bottom line? Is it worth the subscription? In a nutshell, YES. The good far outweigh the bad, and take the extra info Iíve given you on the lays it should increase your ROI% long term.

Terry has been kind enough to offer a discount to users of Win2Win Racing so you can save £36.99 on a 6 month subscription, or save £75.79 for 12 months. So you would only pay:
6 months - £53
12 months - £79.20

Now taking the profits from the free Lay system into account, you actually get the subscription for FREE!!

Sign up here: http://www.thebettinginsider.com/w2w