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    Feb 2003
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    Big C's pretend 1000 bookies xmas pressy

    I tried this before and reckon with a bit more thought I can do better than before... similar approach to my previous efforts regarding odds - they'll all be very short prices, with a view to building things up slowly, though of course the risk is that a loser will take longer to recoup. Still, here goes... all world cup qualifiers... and erm... no laughing at the back! :wink

    Bet 1 - Denmark 1.06 to beat Malta (tonight), 100 stake W 3-0

    Bet 2 - Holland 1.17 to beat Iceland (tonight) 100 W 2-0

    Bet 3 - (Sunday 12th Oct) Egypt 1.03 to beat Djibouti, 100 W 4-0

    My keyboard's running out of ink....

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    Feb 2003
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    Betfred Horse Racing
    First 3 win nicely.... profit of 26, bank now 1026

    Next bets

    October 15th

    World Cup Qualifying

    Croatia 1.03 to beat Andorra 100 W 4-0

    Portugal 1.13 to beat Albania 100 Lost - draw

    Bank now 929

    My keyboard's running out of ink....


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