A mildly profitable day, despite a big winner (losing bet) on the NHPM system.

W2W Systems: 1 from 2, up 1.50pts
W2W Lays: 14 from 15, up 7.13pts
Other Backs: 0 from 2, down 2.00pts
Other Lays: 9 from 10, up 4.56pts

Pretty pleased with my first forays back into the trading world too. I was just testing out a new tool with tenners set with a quick fill & kill and a small tick offset to scalp a few ticks here and there. I traded 3 races and profited in 2 with no loss in the other (I set up a position on the fav but it didn't oblige). I didn't make much (1.18 ) but I wasn't really trying. I need to open another Betfair account for trading, set up a proper betting bank for it there and start staking my trades properly and try to make a few quid every day.