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    Monthly review June 2010

    June ended my run of profitable months in 2010 and did so with a bit of a bang. The month got off to a decent enough start in keeping with previous months but then I had a really rough spell that saw me experience three huge losing days, all of which made my top ten worst days. Three times in a month - sheesh! I had no chance of making a profit once that happened. There were a number of other pretty big losing days too. Sure, there were a few good days in the mix as well but this one still goes down as a poor month.

    Good (profitable)
    W2W (12 systems, +75.65pts)
    45Males +3.36pts
    LTO3 +8.00pts
    SixPlus Loser +2.23pts
    CD Lays +4.75pts
    Claiming Jockey +2.21pts
    Double Top +10.15pts
    Info Rated +0.75pts
    NH Media +3.84pts
    Trainer 3 +2.47pts
    Ladies Lays +4.08pts
    NHPM +21.39pts
    Max Lays +12.44

    Non-W2W (7 systems, +41.55pts)
    NailedOn AW +33.62pts
    A List - Win +4.55pts
    A List - Place +0.84pts
    PP Free +1.46
    HSR +0.75pts
    Football Elite +0.26pts
    Trades +0.07pts

    Bad (unprofitable)
    W2W (4 systems, -29.47pts)
    Johnston Tracks -14.72pts
    Michael Stoute -9.91pts
    Lay'em -2.64pts
    First Timer -2.20pts

    Non-W2W (12 systems, -405.66pts)
    Progeny -43.85pts
    Easy Money Lays -10.01pts
    Classic Lays -11.01pts
    Premier Lays -4.51pts
    NailedOn Lays -55.64pts
    Intelligent Betting -1.00
    Lunchtime Profit Alerts -5.25pts
    Bet Bank Alerts -2.41pts
    The Insider -14.18pts
    On The Oche -1.83pts
    Sports Profit Accelerator -16.98pts
    Rush Poker -239.00pts

    NB. Systems and services are listed here simply to provide a full monthly record of my betting activities and their mention should not be construed as a recommendation of said system/service. The results given are mine and mine alone and do not form part of the official results for any service.

    It was an even 18-18 split last month but this month, despite the fact it was losing month the split is 19-16 in favour of the profitable systems/services.

    It was a tough month on many of the lay systems with my own two systems making small(ish) losses and larger losses coming on the NailedOn Lays and Easy Money Lays (which showed a larger loss accounting for variations in bank size). It was also a poor month for the Progeny system (which will come good again as it has long losing runs so I am not worried in the slightest about this one) and for a couple of the sports systems, namely The Insider and Sports Profit Accelerator. I have only been following SPA since February and since then it's had one slightly profitable month and four losers, two of which have been double-figure months. I can see that one getting dropped soon unless things take a sudden upward turn.

    On the bright side it was nice to see NHPM have a good month - I needed that! Ditto Double Top really. Those are two of my bigger banks but even though I had good results with those I still had an overall loss in June. It shows that it's important to have a balanced portfolio I guess as even one or two good systems can be dragged down by others under-performing.

    Now let's see how July goes...

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    I havnt compiled the stats for June yet but After lots of mini reviews throughout June I Know that June was not good and has given me a major setback, the last few days of june were generally decent but nowhere near good enough to push me anywhere near break even for the month. Its a good job that I have been sensible with staking and patient otherwise June would have killed the betting bank. So June is gone, onwards with July and hopefully my systems will start showing their potential, I won't be around this month although hopefully I can get online from South America from time to time but Im leaving things in the capable hands of my father to continue to do every day while I am away. So fingers crossed


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