Horses2Follow – Free Software – Check Your Horse List Against the Racecard

Win2Win Racing’s free horse racing software can be used for Horse Racing in the UK, Ireland, France, Germany, America, S Africa, Australia, Japan, Hong Kong, and can also be used for greyhound racing.


  • Works in any country.
  • Will work from a pen/USB pocket drive.
  • Manage your horse racing/greyhound lists.
  • Add, delete & edit easily from the list.
  • Multiple selection for deleting.
  • List can be viewed in ascending or descending alphabetical order.
  • Number of horses in list counter.
  • Cut’N’Paste the racecards or entries lists into the Runners tab and Search for any entered horses.
  • You can then click any discovered horse and the text file moves to the horse.
  • Use Next and Previous to scan through.
  • Data is automatically backed up each time you exit the software.
  • Software can be installed in multiple directories.
  • Live links to worldwide resources.
  • Message box for information on updates and offers.
  • Completely free to pass amongst friends, family, P2P, forums, etc.

Windows XP/ME/2000/Vista/W7 with .NET Framework installed.
Software will only work when you are online.


Windows 7:
You may get a “…could harm your computer” popup. Click Actions, then RUN ANYWAY.

This software is 100% FREE to download and use. Has been verified virus and malware free.



Thank you for your interest in the Win2Win Free Horse Racing Software Horses2Follow.

The software is completely free to use, can be installed as many times as you want, on as many computers as you want, can be passed to friends/family, shared on P2P networks, but can not be sold.


Thank you for your interest in the Win2Win Racing System Banker.

Download the file SystemBankerSetup.zip and save it to your disk in the Downloads folder (should be the defualt location anyway). Open SystemBankerSetup.zip on your system and uncompress it. If you have no compression software installed download the free 7-ZIP. Then run SETUP.EXE

The software will automatically update to any new versions in the future.


Menu Items

File>Exit – You can use this to exit the program, or click the ‘X’ in the top right. Exiting will automatically backup to Backups, with the file prefixed by the date.

Visit – Takes you to Win2Win sites.

Help – Brings you here!

About – Shows a message box about the software.


Message- This keeps you informed with latest updates, offers, etc.

Horse List – Allows you to add, delete & edit the horse list.

Runners – This is where you cut’n’paste entries and/or racecards, and also Search for any discovered qualifiers.

Entries/Racecards – Live links to various sites containing racecards and entries.

How To Use

When you first start the program you are presented with the Message tab. Taking advantage of any offers shown helps to offset the costs of supplying this software, and will ensure any future projects are also free.

To get started with you lists, click the HORSE LISTS tab. If it is the first time you have used it, it will be empty.

To add a horse to the list, enter it in the textbox under ‘Enter Horse Name to Add’. Then click submit. It will then appear in the list and automatically be listed in alphabetical order and converted to capitals. The ‘Horses In List’ counter will change as you add/delete horses.

To edit a horse name/cell, just double click it. When you have finished editing, click on another cell, and the file will be updated.

If you wish to delete a horse(s) from the list, you can either;
1) Edit all the text out of the box, and click a new cell
2) Highlight the cell you wish to delete and press the DELETE key
3) For multiple deletes, highlight using the SHIFT or CTRL keys, then press DELETE.

Once your list is up-to-date you can then move onto the RUNNERS tab.

This is simple to use. Find on the internet the early/daily entry lists you normally use, or the racecards, and then right-click on the web page. Select SELECT ALL from the menu. Right-click again, and click COPY. Then on the Horses2Follow RUNNERS tab, right-click in the large textbox and select PASTE (or you could just use CTRL+V). Do not worry about selecting adverts, and any other rubbish it does not matter.

Once you have cut’n’pasted all the web pages you wish to check, click the SEARCH button. If the software finds no qualifiers, it will tell you. If it finds any, they will be listed in the ‘Discovered Horses‘ box’.

To view the horse to see what race it is in, time, meeting, etc, highlight the horses name and click FIND. It will then highlight and bring into view the first instance of this horse. If it is not what you are looking for click NEXT, you go back one use PREVIOUS. You will be given a message if no more can be found.

CLEAR ALL resets the RUNNERS tab.

You can scroll through the textbox for any other additional information you require.

Please Note:

Make sure you are aware that the search will throw up the occasional anomaly.
A horse called ‘BETTER THAN EVER’ may throw up a positive search as it has found the term in a race description or something, and is not actually an actual horse. Using the FIND button will confirm whether the horse are true or not.
A horses called ‘IF’, WITH’, etc may throw up many successful searches. You just need to scan through with the FIND/NEXT buttons so you can see for yourself.

Advanced Users

The HORSELIST.DAT file is in your default directory, and can be edited with any text editor.

Uninstalling Horses2Follow

To uninstall go to START>CONTROL PANEL>ADD/REMOVE PROGRAMS and double click Horses2Follow, and follow the instructions.
Note: Uninstalling will not remove the data files, you need to do that manually if they are no longer required.


When I run it, I get a notice from my firewall asking to Allow it, why?
The software needs to check the Win2Win server to ensure you have the latest message, which will carry news on any updates of the software, advice, offers, free bets, etc, so you should Allow it. It does not do anything else, nor does the software use cookies. If it cannot connect to my server, the software will not work.

I just noticed I have spelt a horses name incorrectly, will it still find it?
You need to edit it, as it can not find the correct horse name, spell checkers would melt trying to figure out horse names! You should also check if the correct horse has run recently and you missed it, you may wish to remove it from the list.

As well as horse I follow a particular trainer, can I do this with the software?
There is no reason why you can not add a trainer or jockeys name to the list, as long as you remember that the information you cut’n’paste into the software must also contain the trainer/jockey details.

How many horses can I add to the list?
As many as you like, up to 10,000.

So I can install the software twice for different lists?
Yes. When you run the installer, on the Directory screen just add to the end of the last name your list name. For instance, default install may be C:Win2Win LimitedHorses2Follow/ , so for a UK list & a USA list you wish to keep separate, install it as….
C:Win2Win LimitedHorses2FollowUK/

C:Win2Win LimitedHorses2FollowUSA/
You will then need to rename the Desktop Icon with a reference name so you can tell the difference between the two.

Win2Win Racing

If you have any further Q&A, please ask on the forum (use the SEARCH first). I can not personally answer emails regarding this software, and do not like people to think I am ignoring them. Thanks.


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