How Can I Profit On The Exchanges? Profiting On Kempton’s AW Track.

A question you may have asked yourself numerous times is ‘How Can I Profit On The Exchanges?

Well first of all as a betting exchange should give you at least and average of 10% better odds than SP over the long term, it is a lot easier profiting on this betting exchange than it is with a bookmaker. Imagine if a bank paid 10% more per year than everyone else, you’d be stupid not to take advantage of it wouldn’t you?

The simplest way to profit is to stick to WIN bets only, as your money is only riding on one result, none of this bookmaker holiday fund multiple bets.

In order to profit on the exchanges, or a normal bookmaker if you enjoy lower average odds, is to concentrate on those horse fancied in the markets, such as the first or second favourites as these win the most races. Then target a specific surface/race type whether it is chase, hurdle, NHF, flat or AW, and then a particular race type.

For this example we will concentrate on the favourites on the AW as this track has decent horses running at it on the AW, and so horse form stands up well throughout the year.

One thing I do know on tracks that have quality horses is that what are considered low quailty races on low quality tracks can prove profitable on the tracks that have quality horses.

So taking that into account I’m going to zap Apprentice races through Proform and see if they are profitable. I could use Raceform and add 10% to the SP but that’s an extra bit of work and I’m being lazy!

Now you don’t get many Apprentice races but as the results show below this simple free horse racing system is something you can add to a portfolio of profitable systems. You will find a few on this site, with many more to come in the future.

Year Ran Win SR PL BF ROI  Exc
2009 25 8 32 8.06 32.23 6.25 25
2010 20 7 35 5.08 25.4 2.69 13.47
2011 21 11 52.38 25.35 120.72 22.03 104.89
2012 17 6 35.29 4.42 26.01 3.28 19.26

So the betting system rules are simple:
Kempton AW track only
Races with the word ‘Apprentice’ in
Must the be the Fav
Use Betfair, although this is still pretty good at SP

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