How To Profit On Betfair?

Everyone who bets would like to profit consistently, and these days I often get asked ‘How to profit on Betfair?’

With Betfair offering better odds than the bookmakers in the majority of cases, especially on horse racing, it is now easier than ever to make from gambling.

Thousands of techniques, whether they be manual or systematic, exist in order to make long term profits, and I use a number of them myself, which includes normal betting, laying, and trading the odds on Betfair.

For a beginner the easiest way is to get hold of a horse racing system that is profitable, I sell a few on this site, and these are ones I have used myself for years.

DO NOT follow newspaper tipsters, they are paid to tip a horse in every race, and mention many more, unlike myself, they are not professional gamblers, just journalists with an interest in horse racing.

Once you have a profitable system, all you need do is just follow the rules. DO NOT deviate from them, I have seen many people turn a profitable system into a losing one over the years by deciding not to back certain qualifiers for one reason or another, and then when they lose the betting bank they blame the system!! If they had stuck strictly to the rules they would have been in profit.

To be honest, you are always best running at least 3 systems, this ensures that if one hits a losing run, the other 2 usually hold it up. Do not cluster win systems with lay ones though, you are best having 2 separate Betfair accounts, one each for backing the other for laying. This is because laying can be very volatile and can half the betting bank in just a few days.

If you have 3 win systems to follow then you do not need 3 betting banks. You can leverage 3 betting banks from just 2. Simply put, if you are starting with £100 per system, that should be £300 total. However, as this will never all be used at any one time betting 3% you can just use £200. Do not leverage more than that though, you have seen what happened to many UK banks when they did that!

You will also find a few ways to profit on Betfair by looking at the stats on this blog and putting your own system together, though I would recommend including a proven system as well if you are going to formulate your own rules based on stats.

If you have any questions about ‘How to profit on Betfair?’ then just ask on our horse racing forum.