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Have you ever wished you and your friends could bet on all your favourite sports without risking any money and still win real prizes? Finally you can!

At new fantasy betting site http://www.flutterclub.com/ you get virtual currency to bet with every week and if you can generate a profit and reach the business end of the leaderboards you could win some fantastic prizes. It is 100% free to play, fully legal worldwide, and you can play on your PC, Tablet or Mobile.

There is a full range of sports to bet including Horse racing, Football, Tennis, Golf, Rugby and all the US sports. It literally has everything and the layout is just like that of a real bookmaker.

On top of that and the great daily tips and analysis on the site you get fantastic social networking features to have banter with other members – personal wall, instant chat, private message & sharing of bets.

One of the best features is that you can set up your own private betting groups with your friends, colleagues, team mates or whoever. Setting up your own group gives you your own private leaderboard and discussion forum – this is great if you want to create your own real money prize pool between your friends while still being automatically entered into the main monthly competitions.

Other positives are that flutterclub’s income is derived solely from advertising so they never ask members for money and I see they are also adding a virtual casino to the site so you can use your virtual funds for sports or casino games to compete.

All betting enthusiast’s likes to predict sports results with millions of ‘self proclaimed’ experts worldwide – Everyone knows at least one! Flutterclub gives you the chance to prove yourself to your peers on a global stage and to get rewarded handsomely for it – for the month of June these guys are giving away €1,000 in cash spread over the top five finishers.

See you at the top of the leaderboards at http://www.flutterclub.com/!

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