Krav Maga: Self Defence In New York City

Are you worried about your own safety these days?  With reported assaults in the US in the millions these days, based on figures from the United States Justice Department, many people are now taking action themselves and martial arts clubs have never been so busy.

Learning a martial art gives you confidence, and helps you tackle situations you may have previously avoided. When you mention martial arts people instantly think of Bruce Lee, but many types of this ancient art exist and some are very easy to learn. Not only does the training help you physically, but it also has a positive mental effect on you as well.

Krav Maga is a one such martial art that is not difficult to learn and is a practical Israeli self defense method. Krav Maga is now used by the whole Israeli military, and actually originated during the Israeli liberation battle. This technique is now one of the most learned martial arts in the world today.

The techniques involved are based on neutralizing the threat while using both defensive and offensive maneuvers. Developed by Imi Linchtenfeld, this martial art uses striking, wrestling, grappling and counter-attacks to take down an opponent. It is actually a mix of Ju-Jitsu, Western style wrestling, Muay Thai, boxing and street-fighting.

For those living in New York City it is not difficult finding a local martial arts centre that teaches Krav Maga. Not only is it a great way to learn personal protection, you will also make plenty of new friends. Krav Maga NYC will bring new meaning to your life, and show you your true potential. This martial art teaches you how to stop your attacker and escape from the incident unharmed. Regardless of your age or sex, you will find this technique very easy to learn.

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