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Betting on any sport is easy, profiting from it is a different matter altogether. When it comes to including all sports betting, only 0.7% of bettors are classed as professional, defined as those making over ten thousand a year. This statistic makes it clear how difficult it is to make money from the bookmakers, or does it? If we put it another way, out of 1,000,000 people betting on a regular basis this year, 70,000, of them are making a profit, and that is a lot of people. So how do you become one of those thousands? You can either work out a profitable edge yourself or visit a website for betting on golf that has a good record.


Most people who bet on golf just go with their favourite golf player. The money that goes on players like Tiger Woods can be quite staggering and yet if you backed him every game he has ever played, then you would have made a huge loss. This is because he always goes off at bad value, that means that the odds on offer are less than those that statistics say they should be. But if people are going to take those odds, then the bookmaker may as well offer them and make some money.


The first thing you need to do before placing a bet on a golf player is to see which bookmakers are offering the best place payments, this is only if you are planning to bet each way. The big bookmakers will go 1/4 the odds and pay on the first 4 places, while some may offer payment on the first 5 or 6. This does depend on the tournament, but you do tend to get better deals on golf Euro tour bets. Others may offer 1/5 the odds the first 5 or 6, so check with the bookmaker, and find the best one not only offering the best place margins but also the best odds.


One angle that can be used for profiting on golf is to look at the leader after day 1. If it is a top player, and there is a gap between him and the second placed player, then back him to win. Unless he has a really crap day 2, which would be unusual, his price will either hold steady or move in. Then all you do is just trade out before day 3 starts, and take any profit or loss, never let it ride though, as day 1 leaders seldom win the tournament outright.

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