Profit From Betting: Backing Favourites at Wincanton

We always look for an angle to profit from horse racing, and one of the easiest ways to target winners is to simply follow the markets. This means backing the favourite in the race. If you do this blindly for every race you’ll make on hell of a loss, and your bank manager will probably be calling round with a baseball bat to reclaim the loan you’d need!!!!

The key to profiting from favourites is to be SELECTIVE.

One way of doing this is to stick to the tracks that favourites run well at, and top of my list for 2012 for betting profits is Wincanton.

For the whole of 2012 up till 26th Sept this track has shown +22 points profit. Now sometimes things like this can be put down to a fluke, but with a strike rate of 48% this is a constant winner supply not a fluke. If it was less than 25% then I’d be concerned about one or two results making the profit, but not with 48%.

Now the question is whether this year is a fluke or not. Looking back at 2010/11 the track made a small profit, but only had a 37% SR.

So why the improvement this year? Well racing is always changing and you have to keep an eye out for these changes as they can swing the profitability in your favour. Wincanton has kept up prize money pretty well this year so has attracted a better class of horse, and better class horses run more to form, which probably explains the SR improvement. Both handicaps and non-handicaps need to be followed.

To improve profits stick to races of 15 or less runners, and WIN only betting.