Profit From Betting: Which is the Most Profitable Racecourse for Favourites?

This question is often asked, but the answer depends on what variable you use. Do you use Profit/Loss as the benchmark? This may be skewed by a one-off 100/1 winner!  Do we use strike rate? Not really as a high SR does not mean profit. The best measure is ROI% (return on investment), but this also may be pretty meaningless unless you have a decent number of results.

In order to use the ROI% with confidence you are really looking for AT LEAST 100 results, preferably 500, the more results you have the more accurate an ROI% you will have, timescale doesn’t really matter, the results can be over a few months or years. So in this post I’ll point out the most profitable racecourse for favourites with the highest ROI% but also a decent number of results.

The actual stats for this even surprised me!

Based on 5 Year Results 2008/12 using Betfair BSP. All favourites (inc joint). 5% Commission deducted.

Runners: 511
Winners: 184
Strike Rate: 36%
ROI%: 13%
P/L: 67 Points

Quite staggering to be honest with you, and definitely worth following.

What if you only use a bookmaker? Well it still shows a decent profit, but you’ll be 50% worse off with your overall profit.

SP Results
ROI%: 6%
P/L: 30 Points

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