Sebastian Vettel Wins Another Amazing Austin Grand Prix

With 2012 proving a major success for F1 at the Austin Grand Prix, both fans and teams were looking forward to the 2013 race. The race location again received many plaudits from the drivers and fans around the world, and it is proving to be a very entertaining track. Although it was won easily by Sebastian Vettel, the four time World Champion, the race was still an amazing spectacle to watch.

In the second half of the F1 season Vettel has proved that he is not only a class above the other drivers, but he still shows the arrogance that turned many people against him at the beginning of the season when ignoring team instructions to let Webber win. It is that arrogance that makes him the driver he is, and a lot of top sportsmen and women are well-known for having quirks in their personalities.

Vettel not only took the World Championship again this year, but by winning at Austin, he made it an amazing 8 winning races in a row, something that has never been done before. The previous driver who dominated F1 for years was another German, none other than Michael Schumacher.

Starting in pole position, Vettel had total control of the race throughout, and he powered home to finish ahead of team member Webber who came in 3rd. Second in the race was a bit of a surprise with Grosjean having a fantastic race. It did look like Lewis Hamilton would finish 3rd at one point, but he received a penalty which seen him finish the race in 5th. With H├╝lkenberg finishing 4th it proved a very fruitful day for the Sauber-Ferrari team.

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In 2014 the Austin Grand Prix is likely to prove an even bigger hit as word gets around about its success. The local area in Texas has seen a lot of income since the race came town, and if you are planning on visiting a Grand Prix, then Texas should be high on your list.

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