System Manager – Free Software – Manage Your System Qualifiers, Staking and Betting Bank

Win2Win Racing’s free horse racing software can be used for Horse Racing in the UK, Ireland, France, Germany, America, S Africa, Australia, Japan, Hong Kong, etc.

  • Manages horse racing/greyhound 12 systems (May be manually adapted for other sports)
  • Will work from a pen/USB pocket drive.
  • Keeps a full history of all qualifiers per system, recorded as Time, Meeting, Selection, Stake, Odds, and whether it won or lost, so you can check them, or import them into a spreadsheet to do further research on.
  • Allows you to enter one qualifier and tick the boxes of the systems it qualified for….
  • It then shows you one combined stake, so you don’t have to fiddle about calculating stakes for each system. All individual system stakes are calculated by the software, and added together to give you an easy to handle overall stake. (All active system file are stored in the Data directory).
  • You can then cut’n’paste the data it into Word, Excel, etc for printing if so wished.
  • Settings allow you to set the stake increase from 0.1% to 4% (0 being levels) for each system.
  • A built in bank barrier, adjustable between 30%-60%
  • Editing of the bank in case you add, or take out money from a system (this automatically resets the bank barrier)
  • Easy changing of system names (This resets everything in that system, and starts a new data file based on that system, the old one is transferred to the Backups directory for future reference)
  • All the data files are in delimited text format rather than database so it is easier for you to import to Excel, or edit if required.
  • Backup, which copies the file name preceded by the days date to the Backups directory.
  • Message window to keep you updated with latest versions, news, special offers, etc.
  • All qualifiers are listed in an Excel type area, with all relevant files, and betting banks being updated once you press the SETTLE button, each qualifier/system with its own individual stake.
  • SETTLE can be used after each race, end of day, or when ever you decide that the banks need to be updated in order to change the stakes.
  • Deductions can be made after settlings on the SETTINGS page if you use a Betting Exchange (comms), or your country has tax deductions.
  • Simple stats page showing Profit/Loss & % for each system.
  • The software is designed for a minimum screen size of 1074 x 768. It can be used on smaller screens, but will involve scrolling.
  • Can be freely passed around the Internet by whatever means.

1. Windows XP/ME/2000/Vista/W7 with .NET Framework installed.
2. Software needs to be online each time you run it in order for the message to refresh. Once that is done you do not have to stay online.


If the download does not start, please check that a pop-up blocker is not preventing it.

Download time <1 minute.

Download is compressed:
Free uncompressing software is available here

This software is 100% FREE to download and use, and also be supplied for download by other sites/forums/P2P networks.





Thank you for your interest in the Win2Win Racing System Manager.

The software is completely free to use, can be installed as many times as you want, on as many computers as you want, can be passed to friends/family, shared on P2P networks, but can not be sold. All I ask is that you register an account using the Betfair ad, and collect your free £25 bet, and keep an eye on what is shown in the message tab. I will use this for free bets, special offers, updates, etc.


Uncompress the ACE file using Winzip,Winace or Winrar (remembering where you
extracted it too!). Double-Click the file Win2WinManager.msi, and follow the instructions. You can change the install directory if you wish. In fact if you install it in the default directory and add ‘NH’ to the end, then install again and add ‘Flat’ at the end, you have a System Manager for each code (you can also do one for the AW). If you do that, remember to rename them on the Desktop.

Default directory should be “C:Program FilesWin2Win LimitedSystem Manager”. (It is the end of this during install you can add NH,AW,FLAT, etc.)


Menu Items

File>Exit – You can use this to exit the program, or click the ‘X’ in the top right. Make sure you have settled all outstanding bets prior to doing so.

Settings – This allows you to change the System Name, Bank Barrier %, Staking %, and Current Bank.

Backup – See below

Visit – Takes you to Win2Win sites.

Help – Brings you here!

About – Shows a message box about the software.


Message- This keeps you informed with latest updates, offers, etc.

Selections – This will show any listed qualifiers you have submitted.

Stats – Shows your present Profit/Loss for each active system.


How To Use


When you first load the software the Selection area will be blank, all system unchecked, and the Messagewindow will be visible.

The first thing you need to do is click 
>SETTINGS on the menu. Another form will load with all the <span >System Names, Bank Barrier, Staking and 
>Current Bank setting shown. You can change these as you wish within the bounds specified at the top of that form.

The defaults are what I would recommend you start with, but you will want to change the<span > System Name(s). Note: You do not have to use all 12, you can keep active as many as you like. If at any point you rename a system then the software will take it that the previous one is no longer active and will move the file to the
Backups directory, and start a new file in the
Data directory for the new System Name.

If you do not wish to change anything then click Cancel or the ‘X’. If you have made changes you wish to keep, click Save.

Main Program:

Once you have your list of qualifiers for the day, you can then start entering them in the Selectionarea. This should be easy enough to understand. You can use any text you want in the boxes, but obviously make sure you know what the qualifier is.

Then you move onto the Systems Qualified area.

Here you select the systems your qualifier has qualified for.
You have 4 active systems on the go (1,2,3 & 4)
Horse A qualifies for for systems 1 & 3 > So you would click the 1 & 3 boxes. If it is correct, press SUBMIT.
Horse B qualifies for for systems 2,3 & 4 > So you would click the 2,3,& 4 boxes. If it is correct, press SUBMIT.

Pressing<span > SUBMITwill bring up the Selectionstab, and list the qualifiers as you enter them. This is were the software comes into its own, the combined stake for all qualifying systems is displayed.

You can keep adding qualifiers for as long as you like, but you MUST SETTLE them before closing the program or that data will be lost.

Most people either settle up after each qualifier has run in order to keep the bank adjusting for each race, or just adjust at the end of the day, which is what I do, otherwise it can get very busy on some days.

You can at any point you are adding qualifiers, although I usually wait until they are all done, click the SELECT ALL button. This will highlight all the qualifiers. Clicking COP Y will then copy all the data to your computers Clipboard. You can then paste it into Wordpad, MS Word, Excel, or whatever application you prefer. You do this so you can print out the qualifiers. Handy for writing the odds on as the bets are placed for reference too later when you update the results before settling up.

If you have made a mistake, or realised you have entered rubbish, then just press CLEAR BETSand all qualifiers will vanish.

If the Bank Barrier kicks in on a system at any time, the software will still use the correct stake when you SETTLE up, but the stake it displays for that system will be ’0′ (zero). So do not be alarmed if you do get the odd ’0′. This will just mean the software is protecting you from losing the bank. Once it recovers over the Bank Barrier your stakes will show as normal for that system. If the system continues to decline to a point where the Current Bank is equal to or less than zero then whereas normally your physical bank would bust, the Bank Barrier will have protected your physical bank to the % figure you set for the Bank Barrier, and has done its job in ensuring you never lose all your initial bank. Clever huh?

So if you have a system starting with £100, and the Bank Barrier set at 60%, and it goes pear-shaped, and the Current Bank on the software gets near to ’0′, the Bank Barrier will have magically saved around 60% of your physical bank.

Settling Bets

Before you click this YOU MUST enter the odds of the horse in DECIMAL (not including the 1 point stake if using a betting exchange).
Bookmaker/Sport Book: 4/1 is the same as 4.0
Betting Exchange: 5.0 is the same as the above as it includes 1 point stake, you need to deduct one to get the odds.

You then select for each qualifier if it WON or LOST from the drop-down list.

Please double check all data is correct before proceeding, you can not change it later unless you physically edit the data file.

Once you are certain all the qualifiers, odds, and results are correct, click <span >SETTLE BETS. All the qualifiers will then vanish, and the software will update all relevant system files with the qualifiers they had, and adjust all betting banks. The Stats will all be updated, and the software is ready to be exited, or accept more qualifiers.


Pressing this copies your current files in the Data directory to a new file in the Backups directory prefixed by the date. Backups are also done automatically on exit.
IE. If you click Backup on the 25th of Aug, the file name will be ’25System1.dat”‘.
You can click this after each race if you wish, but make sure you do it daily. This will ensure you have a month of backup data. It is also advised you copy to another HD, floppy, CD, DVD, or pen drive, at least once a week.

Advanced Users

If you have Excel, or another spreadsheet, the data files are easy to import.


When I run it, I get a notice from my firewall asking to Allow it, why?
The software needs to check the Win2Win server to ensure you have the latest message, which will carry news on any updates of the software, advice, offers, free bets, etc, so you should Allow it. It does not do anything else, nor does the software use cookies. If it cannot connect to my server, the software will not work.

What currency is the software in?
The software is generic, and works whatever the currency you use.

I see you are UK base. I live in Australia, can I still use it?
The software will work fine for any horse racing in the world. In fact you can use it for greyhounds, football, soccer, F1, etc, if you wish. Just use the Time, Meeting & Selection boxes to suit what ever sport you want to use it for.

What is the Betfair graphic?
Betfair is the No.1 betting exchange in the world, and generally offers better odds than most bookmakers/sports books. They offer a free bet for new accounts. Most countries can use Betfair, but please check with there site. You will find these days the vast majority of professional gamblers use Betfair to increase long term profits. In fact it can help turn a borderline system into a profitable one.

So I will definitely make a profit?
You can not guarantee anything when it comes to gambling, so always count a betting bank as money lost before you start. Any profit is then a bonus.

What is the Bank Barrier?
The Bank Barrier is just a method that kicks in when if your initial bank drops below the % limit you set. The software will automatically switch that system to paper trading if it drops below, in effect you are still betting on the system as per the recommended stakes with regard to the stats, but are not physically putting money on it, so it prevents you from losing all of the bank money on any systems that fail.

I have a qualifier, but the stake is ’0′!
If the Bank Barrier has kicked in, you will get ’0′ values for a stake, as it is paper trading. If you have multiple systems for that qualifier, you will not notice the one with the Bank Barrier, but it will still be ’0′ stake that specific system.

Can I print the history?
Just use the SELECT ALL, and COPY buttons, then paste it into Wordpad, or something similar (not Notepad), and then print it.

I spelt a horse name wrong?
This is only for reference anyway, and will not effect the program. If you feel it is important to change it you need to do so in the Data file.

I settled up on a horse that I’ve discovered was a non-runner!
One horse generally would not effect the overall long-term stats (unless it won at a decent price), so you can either ignore it, otherwise you will have to load up the last backup, and re-enter the days data.

When I click the View History tab it is blank, why?
To view the History for each system, just click on the system name in the ‘System Qualified’ area, and it will be listed.

Win2Win Racing

If you have any further Q&A, please ask on the Forum (use the SEARCH first). I can not personally answer emails regarding this software, and do not like people to think I am ignoring them. Thanks.


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