Horse Racing Betting Systems

Horse racing betting systems are a means of gambling devoid of the need to use your brain. Some professional gamblers don’t believe in them, but I make use of both horse racing betting systems & method styles of gambling, although you may possibly argue that a method is in a way a system, a method tends to be flexible, a system is not.

I provide free horse racing betting system qualifiers, and also run a private membership service. If you’re new to gambling, it is advised you start with only 1-3 systems that suit you, taking into account the SR (strike rate), ROI% (return on investment), and number of qualifiers.

Once you’ve got your brain around using a system, and have won a bit of cash you can then add another system. Only do as many horse racing systems as your Betting Bank can handle though. The least possible I suggest for a betting bank is £50 for Win bets, and £100 for lays. Never start with more than £200 until you have proven you can profit with small amounts first.
You back a system qualifier whether it is 100/1 or 1/100, and you back it with the exact stake according to your selected staking plan. To diverge in anyway results in the system becoming a method, and will likely result in a loss, so in straightforward terms; if you pick and choose system qualifiers, then you have made it flexible, so it is no longer a system.

Never expect a system to generate instant profits, they are statistically likely to go into negative equity when you first start, until the bank builds up and stabilises over time. There is no fast means in gambling of getting rich, I spend 10hrs+ a day, 365 days a year, and I’ve been a Pro for over 10 years. It’s more than a full-time job, and if you don’t have the passion for it, you’ll struggle to win no matter what gambling service you use. I wouldn’t replace what I do for anything.

The majority of gamblers go from one betting service to another looking for quick profits, and at the end of the year having spent a fortune, they have lost a fortune, and start the New Year ready to repeat it all again!

The thing to remember with a horse racing betting system is that each qualifier has an equal probability of winning, despite what the bookmaker price is, they do get it wrong, and proven profitable systems allow you to take advantage of this.

From my experience I can give Person A the same qualifiers as Person B, yet Person A can produce long term profits while Person B keeps losing and moves on to the next tipster! Why? Because 50% of making money from betting is down to staking and bank management, if you do not understand how to deal with that part, you will be Person B.  

+Methods Betting+

A method bet is a selection that you pick manually either from your expertise, race watching, paddock watching, etc. Do not follow newspaper tipsters they are employed to select a horse in every race, which is not how you bet, you should be selective, and learning all the racing aspects yourself gives you an advantage over the crowd who go along with the newspaper tips.
My foremost method betting is by race watching, I never use 3rd party information, and with the amount of racing on television it’s easy to get the hang of it these days armed with a recorder.

You can go into heaps of detail with method bets, F/c (forecast) price, handicap rating, postmark, speed rating, form, etc, but you can do too much, and it’s paramount to keep what works as uncomplicated as you can.

If you’re new to this kind of gambling, begin with something uncomplicated, such as favourites in flat maiden & novice hurdle/chase, and take it from there. This will ensure a decent SR even if you don’t profit at first.

Always note down each bet you do, even if it’s just for fun. In fact keep fun bets in a different list and betting bank, and you’ll soon see how much this fun is costing you.

When picking your own horses, take no notice of pundits or what they write in the newspapers. 99% of them are not Pro-punters, and they will influence your choice, usually towards a loser.

I get the Racing Post daily, but never read the race previews, or tips of any kind.

Even with method betting you require a staking plan, and betting bank. Without them you will fail.

Betting Tip 15 – Backing Odds On Horses

ODDS-ON HORSES – There are a number of punters that consider odd-on betting a no-no, as they seem to believe this is not value! This is due to them looking for that big priced winner, even at the price of ignoring a winner. You will find that the majority of these people will struggle to break even, let alone make a profit.

Bookmakers are betting odds-on in 99.9% of cases on each runner, and yet they make a profit. They also have the disadvantage of having to bet every horse. You have a choice, and with enough knowledge & experience you will learn which one’s to ignore.

With tax free betting, odd-on runners can now be used by anyone to turn a profit.

Anyone who says that horse Y will win, but at 2/5, is not value , so they back X horse in the race instead, have lost there marbles, and are the bookies pal.

The art is selecting which one’s you should back, and that my friend is your homework.

Betting Tip 13 – Backing Fillies in the Autumn

Autumn is the time of year you can make a killing, especially from fillies. Fillies improving at this time of year can often run up a sequence, as they mature.

Fillies on ground that has give in it, that show improved form, usually continue to improve. Basically any fillies that have won there last 2 races, or have improved form should be followed until beaten, as this can prove profitable.