Horse Racing Laying System: Racing Secrets Exposed Review

First off I’d like to point out that ‘Racing Secrets Exposed’ isn’t just a small PDF eBook containing a few simple rules, this eBook is 80 pages of extremely detailed aspects of horse racing and laying. It start with the basics of laying, and then goes into excellent detail on how to find horses yourself, and what the signs are to pick out horses most likely to lose. A chapter explains staking and how to maximise your profits, and a lot more.

This eBook is brilliant not only for the beginner, but also those of us who think we know it all as you will still pick up the odd snippet, and is worth buying just for the information. And currently the cost is just £7!!!

Now I’ll move onto the system included in the package.

Although this system is reasonably simple to follow, even once you are at full speed it may take about an hour to find the qualifiers, although it does depend on how many meetings are on, so a 2 meeting Monday should only take about 30 minutes. Once you have been doing it a week or two you will quickly find the horses you need to concentrate on, it is just a pain the first few days.

The horse racing laying system itself sticks to favourites, and so you know that you’ll not be laying at big prices. It is also more of a method it teaches you.

As with all laying systems you need to give it at least 2-3 months to prove its self, if you bail out when you bank drops 25%-50%. I also constantly mention that you will not always get the same selections as everyone else due to time of betting, and a few other factors, but this will only happen with a few qualifiers.

I know for a fact you can make money from using the techniques in this book and for the price you can’t go far wrong.

One last thing, ‘Racing Secrets Exposed’ offers a daily tipping service via email, and for £7 you get the eBook and your first month’s membership free. This is a no-brainer, but you have to select the Platinum Package. You will be re-billed £37 after your first month is up to continue the tipping service but this is easily cancelled in your Paypal account a few days before it is due if you no longer want it.


  Racing Secrets Exposed Review