Horse Racing Laying System: Stable Lays Review

This is a system for laying horses and is fairly simple to follow. The selection process should take you about an hour when you start but with experience you can get that down to about 20 minutes. You can do the selections the night before, however it is advisable to check the prices before the off, as the odds may make the selection void.

For your first month you will receive potential selections via email so you can check what you have with what the owner of the product has, after that you will be selecting them yourself so have no need of the emails.

As I constantly tell everyone, laying horses can be very volatile, if you get 2-3 winners in a short space of time it can have a massive hit on your betting bank, and at this point many people give up and say the system is crap. This is not always the case, just look at the graph on the Flat Layem system I sell. You can clearly see the big drops, but the overall long term trend is upwards. It can be a real pain in the ass when your bank drops 50%, but stick with it and you can do well from laying horses.

It is advisable to start any horse racing laying system with the minimum stakes on Betfair, which is £2, although you can start on Betdaq with 50p with a betting bank of £25-£50.

Average winning odds are around 3/1, but you will hit horses at bigger prices.

One thing I will point out is that when it comes to laying systems, the selections you lay will not always match those of the owner. This is all down to when you make the selections and at what the odds are at the time you place the bets. This however should not affect the long term trend.

So is it profitable? I only tested it for 6 weeks, and would have preferred longer but I did show a profit over that period with a 81% SR, which is high enough to sustain long term profits.

You can download results from the Stable Lays web site.

I only give it a rating of 4/5 because compared with other laying system (like my own) it is quite costly at around £75, however it is a one-off payment, and as long as the long term profits keep rolling then initial costs are meaningless.



 Stable Lays Review