Taruhan Bola – Football Betting

We now live in a world were countries thousands of miles away are only milliseconds away via the internet. This now means that sport and betting, no matter where it is based, is less than a second away. I can bet and watch a race in Singapore, and then switch to betting and watching a golf game in Florida. There really is no such thing as multiple countries anymore when ti comes to sport and betting, online it is all just one very large country.

Indonesia has become a country that loves to gamble, and no more so than on football whether it be the English Premier League or Italy’s Serie A. They call it taruhan bola, or as we know it; Football betting. With so many ways to bet on football these days it is easy to get confused with them all, so below I have listed a few tips:

If a favourite is playing at home but is losing 1-0 at half-time and yet they have a great home record, back the home team to win and the draw.

Always look at laying any teams in the bottom 3 of a division playing at home.

DO NOT do doubles, trebles, etc, the bookmakers love these for a reason.

It is usually worth betting on a high number of cards being given out in derby matches, or high profile games. For instance Liverpool v Everton, Manchester City v Manchester United and Barcelona v Real Madrid.

For those people who would like to make money from bookmakers in another way you could always sign up for a online gambling affiliate program and pass them customers, that way you get a cut of anything they lose

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