Tennis Betting and Trading

For those of us who like a bet we usually end up chasing our own tails trying to make a profit and jump from one sport to another. This makes the bookmakers happy because unless you actually concentrate on certain sports you are never going to make a profit, and all you are doing every time you bet is paying towards their luxury holiday fund. One sport that you should concentrate on but most people totally ignore is tennis as matches and form are easy to follow.

These days’ tennis tournaments are played all year and many events can be going on at the same time so there is always an option for some tennis betting. If you are not sure how big tennis is in the betting world take a look at how much is turned over during the major matches on an exchange.

In order to try and profit in the tennis markets you must first find an edge, and there is no secret formula for this. However when looking at the tennis players odds you should always avoid the very low priced ones, although the likes of Nadal and Murray may well win, you are never going to recoup any losses by backing 1/7 on shots.

If you are trading on swings in tennis odds then stick to the women’s game as this has a lot more breaks of serve than the men’s game and so can be far more profitable. However if you are just looking to profit from a single tick then the men’s game is more reliable as the games usually going with the server.

If you are looking to back players outright for each match then the women’s game usually goes to form a lot more often than the men’s game, which is usually dominated by the top 4, and you rarely get good odds on them.

Profiting from tennis is a lot easier than many other sports with a number of angles that can be taken to get one over the layers.

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