The Right Way To Resurface A Tennis Court And Fix Cracks

Is your tennis or basketball court cracked? The following video shows the procedure for tennis court resurfacing and crack repair using the world renowned Premier Court surface.

Firstly, we need to prepare the court surface which consists of:

– Cleaning and filling of all surface and structural cracks.
– Minimizing any puddle areas or “bird baths”.
– Scraping and blowing all foreign matter and debris from the court surface.

Secondly, we overlap the mats and create a uniform joint by overlapping the mats prior to double cutting. Utilizing a double cutter a uniform joint is created. The application of mylar will allow the Premier Court to remain “free floating”.

Thirdly, we seam over the uniform joints.

After that, we apply acrylic coatings which are applied in the same process as any other hard court.

It can be installed over both concrete and asphalt surfaces.

The surface shown in the video is made by Premier Court and installed in Oregon and Washington by Home Court (503) 636-5275 or toll free (888) 295-9880. We highly recommend Premier Court as the best surface available for tennis, basketball, volleyball and other court sports.

Premier Court is:
– The only sporting surface guaranteed for 25 years
– The only permanent solution for cracking tennis courts
– The finest cushioned surface ever developed
– A world class, champion caliber playing surface
– Multi sport surface for basketball, volleyball and other sports
– A portable surface for events and tournaments

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