Top 5 NFL Coaches

With the arrival of the 2013 season, there is a lot of questions to ask. Will the Niners make it back to the Super Bowl? Will RG3 carry his team out of the first round of the playoffs? However, we’re not here to look at that. What we’re trying to see is who the Top 5 Head Coaches are in this season of the NFL according to the experts at NFL Betting Lines Guide. They are listed in no particular order:

1. Bill Belichick, Patriots: First on my list is this great guy, probably the most respected coach in the entire league, holding a winning record since 2001. If anyone gets injured, he can count on those guys on the bench because they are just that good. It’s scary to see that a bench could just about start for any other team, but that’s a result of the coach that found them.

2. Tom Coughlin, Giants: Like him or hate, you’ve got to see the track record on him. He turned the program around at Boston College and nurtured the Jaguars all the way to an AFC Championship game with only two years in the NFL, plus he’s wearing two rings with the Giants already. Not many people in existence can perform what this guy did, he was able to turn programs around and developed a winning strategy.

3. Sean Payton, Saints: Here if you think that the QB makes the team, you’re probably a little right… Only a little. But with Payton’s offensive mindset, he was able to maximize the potential of the offensive line as well as Jimmy Graham. Even if you don’t think that’s enough look at year. The Saint’s started out 0-4, while Graham served suspension time, finishing 7-9 thanks to him. Not a good finish, but a better one than if he hadn’t coached at all. Expect him to warm up with the week 3 lines.

4. Mike McCarthy, Packers: It’s hard to see a better lineup that with the pairing of Aaron Rodgers and Mike McCarthy. With McCarthy’s offensive play calling for Rodgers it’s not hard to see why the Packers finished with double digit wins in 7 out of 9 seasons. He also has a deep understanding of football by playing with an ok offensive line as well as knowing when to go long.

5. Jim Harbaugh, 49ers: The man that turned the Stanford program to what it is today. Transferring a winning college record to a winning NFL record is not an easy task. He’s one of those guys that was able to take advantage of the depth of their offensive and defensive games. Mixing his college game to the pros doesn’t seem like a bad idea. To fear the name 49er, you know he’s gotta be doing something right.

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