Understanding Big Ball Tennis

Do you know what Big Ball Tennis is? If you want to play a different game of tennis, then big ball tennis maybe for you. This form of tennis is more aggressive than regular tennis so it isn’t for everyone. Here’s what you need to know about this game.

Big Ball Tennis

This is an aggressive, semi-contact form of tennis. The game uses a big “9” tennis ball. There’s different rules in this game, but the scoring system is the same as regular tennis. This game has a set of rules but it tends to allow a lot of things too, so more is going to be allowed than not when you play this form of tennis.

The Tennis Ball

You will need to use a “9” tennis ball which you can get at stores such as:

  • Tennis Warehouse
  • Walmart
  • The Rackets
  • EBay

Tennis Rackets

You should try and get the best tennis racket that you can afford if you plan to play this game. This is just going to make playing the game a lot easier for you. The best will be made with ceramic or fiberglass. You don’t want a newer, composite tennis racket as these tend to break more often, even after just a bit of use. It’s better to use older tennis rackets as these are a lot stronger and well made for this game. Places like eBay are great for finding older tennis rackets. Take your time and ensure that you get a great tennis racket if you plan to play this game.

The Court

This game is played on a regular tennis court. The narrow and short lines and used for service and once service is made the wide and short lines are used. The court is shorter than the regular tennis court but this is necessary for the Big Ball Tennis game. You can view the court here if you need to see what the court should look like.


This game is usually better with two players per side. If you are starting out, and want to practice, and don’t mind running a lot, then the singles game will be better for you. If you need to get better at the game then just have a singles games and practice your game until you get better at it. The game is a lot better with two players because you’ll be able to play near the net and pass to your partner too.


This is a fun tennis game and if you’re bored of regular tennis or just want to try something new, then Big Ball tennis is for you. This is a great game and you’ll have a lot of fun with this type of tennis, so give it a try.  Learn more here:  http://www.bigballtennis.com/

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