Heatwave Highlights Need for Better Online Betting from Bookies


The traditional High Street bookies has become something of a British institution over the years, with many boasting their own loyal army of regular customers who love nothing more than a flutter on the horses and a chat with the staff. However, the recent heatwave that the UK experienced has highlighted the need for some bookies to follow the industry leaders and invest more time and money in their online offerings.

Some UK bookmakers reported a sharp drop in visitor numbers during the unusually hot weather that was seen recently across the country, and this is certain to have a damaging effect on profits. Regulars who would have normally made their way down to their local bookies were staying indoors in the cool, leaving some betting shops feeling the financial pinch.

There is little doubt that serious fans of horse racing and other sports would have been perfectly happy to get online and place their bets from the cool comfort of their own homes. However, some bookmakers, both smaller and larger ones, have not yet built up their online businesses to any great degree, which means that many racing fans may have turned to other betting sites where the facilities were freely available. 


Popularity of placing bets online


Sports betting such as horse racing continues to be hugely popular today, just as it has been for many years. People still flock to bookies to place their bets and turn to specialist sites such as Brians Betting for tips and advice on racing services such as Premier Information. However, in this digital age more and more people are turning to the Internet to enjoy having a flutter. Under unusual circumstances such as the heatwave even die-hard bricks and mortar fans will turn to the internet in order to avoid missing out on their dead cert. However, the betting shops that have not yet sufficiently embraced the digital age risk missing out on the custom of this ever-expanding group of racing and betting enthusiasts.

In a recent report, one of the larger bookmaker chains in the UK, Ladbrokes, confirmed that the heatwave had resulted in a 15 percent reduction in the number of customers coming into the shops. Many of those who would normally have been in to put a bet on during the day stayed away because of the heat, and because Ladbrokes has not really invested a great deal in its online presence as yet it may have lost a huge number of its racing and betting fans to rival bookies with better, more exciting online facilities.

A move into the digital age is equally as important for smaller, independent bookies, as they otherwise risk being trampled on by the big boys of the industry.

How To Bet On Horses

We all want to know how to bet on horses, especially when it comes to making a profit. Over 99% of people donate money on a regular basic to the bookmakers, which does not leave that many who are making a profit. Even so, if we take the number of professional gamblers at 0.75%, that still means that out of every 1 million people, 7,500 are making good profits, and a few million people bet regularly in the UK.

So if you want to know how to bet on horses for a profit, use the following advice.

• You are advised to have more than one account to bet with. You should definitely have an account with Betfair, and one or two bookmaker accounts. This is so that you have the option of betting at the best price. Most of the time you get better odds on Betfair, but when the horse is odds on, you may get better value with a bookmaker.

• If you are unable to select horses yourself that profit over the long term, then find resources that supply them. Win2Win supplies consistent profits to followers, both with the selections, and the systems. There are others out there though, but avoid tipsters in newspapers, as they are paid to tip in every race, profiting is all about being selective, and betting when the long term odds are in your favour.

• Always use a betting bank, without it you will have no control over what you are betting, and so you’ll have no idea if you are profiting or not. Many people who do not use betting banks kid themselves into thinking that they are profiting.

• Use a staking plan, and stick to it. I always recommend starting off with 3% for backing, and 1% for laying. In most cases you can start with a £50 bank. If you can’t profit with that for the first few months, then a larger one certainly isn’t going to make you more.

• If you are just starting off, you do not want to increase you stakes until you are comfortable with what you are doing. Once you have been betting for around 2-3 months, and you bank has at least doubled, then you can think about an increase.

• Backing is far more profitable than laying, although as I supply far more lay bets than win ones, the profits can level out over time. Laying is a lot more volatile though.

• Do not do fun bets, if you are, then use a separate betting bank, this way you quickly learn how much they are costing you.

By learning how to bet on horses like a professional, you are taking your first steps in controlling your losses. If you have been betting for years and losing, then you first have to learn how to stop losing, and the advice above can help you do that.

Goal Rush From Ladbrokes

Ladbrokes goal rush is an interesting proposition from the well known bookmakers, it’s something a little different. Goal rush is a simple idea, you look at the fixtures on offer and select yes or no on whether or not both teams will score; Odds are given per fixture and you can select as many or as few fixtures as you wish. The final score is irrelevant, only the goals matter. You can accumulate your selections in order to increase the odds thus giving you a bigger pay out if you win.

Playing goal rush is incredibly easy, you simply place your bets as you would normally via Ladbrokes goal rush page. From the goal rush page there’s a number of fixtures you can bet on, from the premier league to international friendlies there’s plenty of choice on offer. Once you’re on the goal rush page simply click yes or no on your chosen fixture, you can bet on multiple fixtures and the Ladbrokes accumulator will automatically calculate your odds and potential winnings, It’s so simple. The minimum score that you need in order to win is of course 1-1, from there any further goals don’t matter; In the terms and conditions if a fixture reaches 1-1 and the match goes on to be abandoned for any reason, you still win your bet. As well as betting on a both teams scoring in a game, with Ladbrokes goal rush coupon you can also bet on 1 team not scoring at all. Again, you can use this in your accumulator.

Ladbrokes also have great offers for new customers including a £50 matched bet. With live commentary and results it’s also incredibly easy to track all of your bets through their website. Ladbrokes also have a dedicated bet calculator on their website so you can calculate all of your bets in one place so you know precisely what you stand to win. It’s also worth continually returning to check their site as new offers are continually added and changed. As well as this they also offer a number of payment options, making it an easy to use service, add to this that they’re one of the biggest names in betting and it’s simply a fantastic bookmakers. When you put all of this together there really is no reason not to try their goal rush offer, it’s something a little different from ordinary football bets, and for those who haven’t bet before it’s an incredibly simple concept to grasp and above all, fun.

Therefore, if you’re a veteran better looking for something a little different or a newcomer looking for something quick and easy to pick up, Ladbrokes goal rush offer may be perfect for you. Of course, with the range of fixtures on offer from a variety of competitions, you’re very likely to find exactly what you want. Simply go to http://sports.ladbrokes.com/en-gb/ and navigate to the goal rush page; Then you need to sign in or register, enter a few details and you’re ready to go and play goal rush.