Betfair Trading Software: Betangel Pro Review

With Betfair one of the UK’s major gambling portals these days,a lot of betfair trading software has come and gone over the years. One piece of betfair trading software that has stood the test of time is Betangel Pro.

I have used it on a daily basis for years, and is the choice of the majority of professional gamblers as it basically covers everything you can think of to do with betting whether it is simple win betting, trading, making a book, dutching, and much more.

The betfair trading software that is Betangel Pro now includes powerful stats for football and tennis trading and is worth the money for these alone. But the most powerful of all features is it’s connection to Excel. This makes the software endless to what it can do as you can use Excel along with VBA to program your own bot, and trust me, it is not complicated. You can also use the Excel connection just to pull live data out of the market so you can analyze it and look for an edge.

It may seem complicated but Betangel include a wide range of videos to compliment the PDF instructions, and you will find many other users have posted videos on Youtube to help you get the best out of the software. If you do not know how to program Excel/VBA you can always have a 3rd party on one of the freelance sites write it for you at a reasonable price.

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Betangel Pro Review

Automated Betfair Betting Bot Betsender Review

Time is something most of us are short of these days, and if we are at work during the racing hours getting bets on can be a right pain in the ass. For those of us who enjoy a constant supply of odds that are better than the bookmakers we use Betfair. You can get plenty of software to use on Betfair, some of it is poop, some of it is OK, while a few are excellent.

One betting bot in the ‘excellent’ category is BETSENDER. This nice bit of kit allows you to place all your bets when you have the time, like the night before, fire the bot up before going to work, and it will place the bets on the horses you selected. It has plenty of ‘rules’ you can add such as back the Fav, and numerous others. I use this everyday myself as it frees up my time to do other things like trading. Although it is a little expensive, it is a one-off payment with free updates, and when you realise how much time it can save you, and how powerful it is, then it is money well spent.

I even supply the Free Tips and Members Tips in betsender format so they are easy to import into the software.

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 Betsender Review

Horse Racing Trading: Easy Trader Pro Review

Easy Trader Pro


 • No more losing lay bets – profit either way
• Start today … with a bank as small as £50
• Profit from the horses and now from football
• Minimal time effort, maximum returns
• The ultimate system for Betfair users in 2007

• 200+ pages filled with my very own tricks and techniques
• Now includes a system for trading on football!
• 30 minutes of live training videos… copy my moves live!


Win2Win Racing Comments

First off, it is not a betting bot of any kind; it is an E-Book of a trading method. It is based on something similar to a bot I programmed, but from an angle I hadn’t considered before I read the E-Book, so I already knew that in theory the method should work.

Now one thing I must make clear is that you need to use the method in the morning, otherwise don’t bother with it, although weekends are still enough to get some good trades in if you work during the week. You then need to have access to the exchanges during the afternoon to check on any open trades. Somewhere amongst those times, if you have opened a position, you trade out. The E-Book makes it pretty clear how to do this.

The selection process in the morning is not difficult, and no more than 10 variables to check and these quickly dwindle down to potential qualifiers to a handful, so you throw out probably 99% of the days runners without even a second glace.

Everything is explained in simple to follow instructions, but for beginners I strongly recommended reading the E-Book twice before starting, and lay with £2 stakes until you prove to yourself the method is profitable.

So that’s the basic outline, now the important question;
“Is it profitable?” – Yes

“Does it make the money the guy says it does?” – Only if you’re trading in £100’s, and remember, you will NOT profit every trade, nor every day. But it will provide long term profits as long as you stick to the method, and are patient the first few days.

Once you get used to it, you will only take 10-15 minutes doing the days cards to get potential trades.

Easy Trader Pro Review