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Conversation Between vegyjones and MattR

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  1. How do Matt. Not been on in a while. It's been a torrid few years for Pompey. I suppose you are a warning to other teams that chasing success irresponsibly can have a stark aftermath. You've also got a couple of our oldies in Nicky Shorey and Ben Chorley, neither who are covering themselves in glory I hear on the grapevine.
  2. How you doing Vegy? You do realise if we ever draw you in the FA Cup again that WE are now the underdogs
  3. Thanks Vegy. Hope she gets to her target, bet she's glad of your help involving w2w forum! Good bunch of people on here that's for sure.
  4. Matt, you are a true gentlamna and I can not put into words how appreciative I am.

    You have my upmost gratitude and my humble thanks!
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