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    hi john thanks for your kind words,i really enjoy the forum but do get despondent,when not much happening,i am running out of ideas to try and fire up the horse racing section.
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    Pardon me but did you just land some neg rep on my profile? For any particular reason if u did?
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    Notes from the advanced seris of double your dating:-

    WHOSE REALITY IS IT? By asserting YOUR reality as the more dominant one, you assume control of the situation in any interaction. “This is MY reality here, and you’re a guest. If you don’t like it here, you can leave.”
    BELIEFS of successful men
    • I don’t let women use their looks or sexual power to gain anything from me. There are no special privileges.
    • I’m un self-conscious and couldn’t care less about what others think.
    • I put myself and my life first.
    • I deserve, have permission to date, and can hold an exceptional woman
    • I’m indifferent to the outcome
    • I understand the culture, I get it—style, food, movies, Cosmo, etc
    • I’m a good communicator—especially of what I want
    • I’m in control, and I don’t let outside events destabilize me
    • I’m not needy, I keep my power for ME
    • I think sex is great, and I don’t have any hang-ups about it
    • I can control myself and I can wait. I don’t need to take action right now
    • I don’t tolerate disrespect to myself, my time, or my property
    • I’m a catch
    • I judge people based on CHARACTER, not possessions or outward physical appearance
    • I may be smitten with a woman but I don’t tell her early on, and I don’t let it slip indirectly
    Reference/Mastermind group
    Surround yourself with people who are LIKE the way you want to be! And surround yourself with POSITIVE people to avoid a negative mindset. Avoid negative influences whenever possible, like TV news.
    Close your eyes and imagine the you that you’d like to be. How are they standing? What kind of posture does he have? How does he handle situations? Now, what are some experiences that that ideal self would’ve had to have been through to reach that state?
    Don’t criticize yourself internally, it’s just not useful (except when you’re really being stupid). But be NICE to yourself!
    SCARCITY is a myth! They’re out there, there’s no need to be stuck on one.
    How do you make someone want something? Make it scarce, connect it to something else they want, make it beneficial, make them work for it, prove that other people want it also, make it a challenge
    Psychological leaning is a sign of insecurity. It reminds people of their own insecurity and irritates them. Don’t lean! Avoid the “wanting-it tax”. As soon as someone pulls back a little bit, you pull back a little bit further. Never “lean” inwards.
    If you ever get a dilemma, pull back, take the more laid back decision and go with it. “Should I call her today or tomorrow?” Call her tomorrow!
    How would you act if you knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that she was totally into you, but you weren’t that interested, and decided to reluctantly give her a chance to hang out with you? How would you behave?
    • Stop trying to impress. If a woman feels attraction then possessions don’t matter.
    • Always communicate that you are the selector
    • Take the attitude that you judge without being affected by the judgments of others
    • Always be picky and tease her about how she’s screwing up her chances with you
    • Talk about situations where you didn’t tolerate the behaviour of someone in your life, so you ex-communicated them
    • Always have other things to do with your life and never wait around to see if a woman will choose you
    • Play the opposite side: “Guys only want me for my body” You: “Well, I kinda just want you for your body too.”
    • Pay attention to body language! It accounts for 93% of communication. Tonality, mannerism, speed of movement (even blinking)
    • Be a high-novelty seeker. Take risks, try new experiences, etc.
    • Keep your COMPOSURE. Take every opportunity to show you can control yourself, especially on occasions where nothing can happen anyway. Pull back and stop, it builds anticipation.
    • Don’t take testing personally. Have fun with it! Automatic resistance, comebacks, etc are FUNNY…don’t take it seriously
    Fear of rejection
    There are 4 major fears in approach situations:
    Verbal confrontation
    Physical violence
    To face a fear, imagine the worst case scenario and then reframe it or LAUGH at it.
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