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Thread: Tory plans.

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    Tory plans.

    Tory Work and Pensions spokesman Theresa May said - "For too long Labour have let benefit cheats play the system" and don't we all know someone who hasn't done a days work in years and is milking the system.

    Under tough Tory plans unveiled yesterday benefit cheats will be stripped of State Handouts for up to three years. Under a Conservative government a first offence would see benefit cheats banned for three months, a second offence for six months and a third offence for three years. In order to ensure that children do not suffer for their parents sins, some child benefits would still be paid.

    Sounds good to me!

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    The Tories aren't talking about dismantling the BBC although I guess they are generally percieved of being less supportive of them than Labour, for example.

    The two Tory proposals I am aware of that may affect the BBC are to consider using a part of the license fee to subsidise local news or community channels. This could reduce the BBCs inclome a bit (but let's be fair it has a substantial inclome!). The second is the putting in place of an independant regulator for some aspects of the service. As the BBC already has a governing body, I'm not entirely sure what the effect of this would be. I suspect that they are hoping to put in place a group that would be more pro-Tory and champion their claims of bias at the BBC. Quite honestly I would expect an independant media to be slightly critical of the government in power and I think the BBC has been this to the Labour government and hope to see them continue to be the same to the next government.

    It seems particularly odd that the Tories would effectively be putting in place an extra quango when they make so much fuss about reducing bureaucracy but who am I to point this out to them?

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