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Thread: No votes for our troops?

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    No votes for our troops?

    The Government has admitted that thousands of soldiers might not have their votes counted in the election because of problems in transporting postal votes to and from Helmand Province using military supply planes.

    No doubt Global Gordon will be hoping so. In a recent poll on the army website 57 % said they would vote Tory, 7 % said they would vote Labour.

    It must have been a hell of a job trying to find the 7%. :D

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    Quote Originally Posted by tovarich View Post
    It must have been a hell of a job trying to find the 7%. :D
    Al Qaeda infiltrators?

    The Vegster!

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    Quote Originally Posted by vegyjones View Post
    Al Qaeda infiltrators?
    What are you suggesting?

    But I wonder if Joe Glenton (the chap in prison for refusing) will get a vote -

    This election is quite bizarre - in Nov 08 a poll in the Telegraph said 2/3rd's of Brits want the troops home from Afghanistan but the only Troops Out Party I can vote for is the BNP!

    PS: GS can now be followed on Twitter as @themastarata

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