While having sound problems on Skype due to Rayna having low bandwidth, or whatever the problem was, I decided to try other video chat software. I used Yahoo and a few others all not as good as Skype, then I came across software I'd never heard of, and unlike all the others, this one also does video conferencing for free

Not only that, you can adjust the resolution and sound quality on the fly, so if the bandwidth in the Philippines improves or drops during the call, you can adjust it while still chatting. Sound and pictures have been much better than any other software I've tried.

One of the best functions is that when you are chatting and you are looking at say hotels on your browser, a littler icon wiill appear at the top that says 'VSHARE', click this and your browser window will also appear on your babes computer so you can both see the same hotels.

You can view the VSEE site here: http://www.vsee.com/

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