I don't suppose anyone on this forum would agree with Richard Hester getting such an obscene amount of money for failing to do his job. Labour leader Ed Milliband says " It is a disgraceful failure of leadersip by the Prime Minister"

Which Prime Minister is he referring to? After all Mr Hester's contract, which included the bonus, was written by a Labour Prime Minister, either Bliar or Brown.

I haven't heard any comment by Mr Milliband on the fact that his previous "glorious" Prime Minister A.C.L. Bliar earned 12,000,000 lastyear, claimed 11,000,000 as "Administrative Expenses" and paid tax on the remainder which amounted to about 360,000. The perfect example of champagne socialism. I would call it theft

Can't wait for the next election so I can vote Labour and maybe jump on the Gravy Train too.