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Thread: monday morning moans

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    monday morning moans

    Just had a telephone call asking for me -
    saying they are the computer maintence department and that my computer has a virus - if I could switch on the computer etc etc - kept asking which company etc
    - they just kept saying computer maintence dept - as I work from home - assume this is a phishing call ...

    Next grumble had a call asking for my wife - who's calling please - for security reasons we are not allowed to say (I think it was Lloyds bank but anyway) so I said for security reasons I am not allowed to say whether she is here or not....

    Final moan - had a call from the RAC asking for me - now you know they want to flog you something - but wait for it - they wanted to ask me security questions to confirm it was me - before they told me what the call was about - I just said you must be joking - goodbye....

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    That's the way it is today, when people phone me, if they don't say who they are I just hang up as I can't be wasting time on people who are impolite.

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    I do wonder about the first call though - it could have been my ISP or such like but cannot really imagine it would be - and no I do not have any maintence contracts etc etc

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    Quote Originally Posted by Smokeyone View Post
    so I said for security reasons I am not allowed to say whether she is here or not....
    Haha, very good!

    As for the first one, pretty sure it's a scam. This ones been doing the rounds for a few years now.

    If you're prepared you can have a little fun with them.

    Ħuʍop ǝpısdn sı pɹɐoqʎǝʞ ʎɯ

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    Do the RAC really think I am going to spend my time answering security questions to prove who I am so they can sell me car insurance (I would guess).

    Another grumble but it's my own fault - do not answer telephone surveys no matter how legit they sound because you will then receive telephone offers/charity requests from a load of companies ........

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