This article reminds me of the time that i was in my doctor's waiting room.

I was first in line when the room began to fill up with patients, when a young lady sat next to me with a small baby on her lap.
The child began to cry, and it's mother unbuttoned her blouse got one of her breasts out and began to feed the child!.

I had never seen a woman do such an act so brazenly in public, and couldn't help but to stare.
I was so transfixed in what was going on in front of me that i didn't see my name being shown on the 'next patient sign.

The young lady sis see it though, and said to me..., "You're next dear!"

Horrified!, and without even thinking!, I stammered out this reply....

"That's very kind of you Madam!..., But, I'm only here to see my Doctor!!!"