With the 1st quarter of the year being a bit slow, and March being crap , probably not helped by our wonderful weather , I completed a review of all the information I supply, and have rebuilt the portfolio of systems I use, ones that have not shown a loss this year. This means a higher strike rate than we have had, so you should see more winners.

The biggest change is the return of the Pro-Losers. Older members .... or maybe I should say long term members , will remember them and they proved very profitable. However betting bots took over the markets and they lost value. Now with value appearing elsewhere it is time for the Phoenix rise

This means a load of selections now for the lays as we used to have so will keep the layers happy Plus the more turnover the more profit.

One major difference this time though is that certain selections come with different rules. These are clearly shown after the horses name. This is things like MAX ODDS, MIN ODDS, NOT FAV, BETTING RANK, etc .... easy to follow.

If you have any questions just ask