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Thread: introduction

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    Hello everyone new to the site

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    Hi Kenneth.

    I'm on holiday at the moment, just waiting to be hit by a super typhoon with 300kph winds

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    Hell, I signed a petition... & Rachel the starter just got a response:

    "On Tuesday I launched a campaign asking for the rolled-over 12 million prize from the EuroMillions to be donated to the Philippines relief effort. In just days the petition grew to over 150,000 signatures.
    On Friday the jackpot was won but then yesterday something amazing happened. The Big Lottery Fund announced it would make a donation of 5 million to help the people of the Philippines to rebuild their lives!

    They released this statement:

    "The Big Lottery Fund cannot make general donations to emergency appeals. Nor does it believe its funds are best used for immediate disaster relief.

    "Instead, it will make up to 5 million available to UK based charities, working with communities in the Philippines, to help the long term process of rebuilding lives and livelihoods.

    This is fantastic news for the people of the Philippines, I am so pleased that the Big Lottery Fund has responded to this massive need with compassion and tangible action for those that desperately need our help.

    Please spread the brilliant news of The National Lottery’s kind donation by retweeting this message.

    Thank you so much for your support, we did this together!
    Rachel Riddall

    PS. Please do consider giving to the Disasters Emergency Committee appeal if you haven't yet been able.

    PS: GS can now be followed on Twitter as @themastarata

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