Free Tennis Tips: Learn How To Profit

Although this site concentrates mainly on betting on horses, we do cover all aspects of betting, including trading and poker.

One sport I do trade heavily on is tennis, so if you are looking for free tennis tips I’ll pass on a few here.

  • Around 20% of seeds get knocked out in the first in the first round, especially in the women’s game which has more erratic form.
  • If you are going to trade on tennis, and I just you give it a go as it can be very profitable, get yourself a copy of the excellent Tennis Trader. When using this just pick 2 easy to follow rules for your first tournament. If they work for you just stick to them, you don’t need any others.
  • If you do trade, use software such as Betangel Pro. This comes with an excellent stats add-on.
  • When trading ignore all tennis matches that have a Fav less than 1/5 as it leaves little movement for trading.
  • You get a lot more break points in the women’s game, so bigger swings in the market.
  • Only trade once per game.

Remember, you can lose 45% of trades and still make a good living from it!

I hope these free tennis tips help you in some way.