How To Profit On Betfair: Trading On Sunday

With racing now 7 days a week, it can be difficult for a professional trader to have a day off. Well, you would think so anyway, but that is not the case. Although the summer months can be tough, with racing continuing until 9:30pm, their is one day that should never be traded on. That is a Sunday.


Why is this? Well, the main reason is that as many professional traders and gamblers take Sunday off, it means that there is a lot less liquidity in the market than normal. Less liquidity means that the odds are likely to fluctuate more. This is even more extreme for those Betfair traders who bet in-running. With little money in the in-running market, it means that stop loss triggers are often set off, when they wouldn’t be on any other day of the week. As any professional Betfair trader will tell you, the more times a stop loss is triggered, the more likely the day will result in a loss.


Even trading pre-race on a Sunday can be a minefield. With less money around, when someone puts a big bet in the market, the odds can move a good few ticks. Again, this can trigger a stop loss when normally it would not have been. If you are clever, you can take advantage of these market swings, but to be honest, if you profit 5-6 days of the week, then there is no need to find a different technique to profit on a Sunday. Take the day off, or go through the trades of the previous week to see if you can refine them.


How To Profit On Betfair