Betfair Trading Software

I am often asked what Betfair trading software I use. So what is the answer? Betangel. I use this on a daily basis, both the Betdaq and Betfair versions. I always have both open on my computer in case one goes down, and I also have them ready to go on another PC in case anything happens to the one I am using. The worst thing that can happen is for a site or PC to go down when you have opened a trade. People who complain that they lost money because of downtime never accept responsibility for not having backups in place.

Using the free version of the Betangel bot is a great piece of Betfair trading software, and for training purposes it is fast enough, as well as very simple to use. It is much better than trying to trade on the Betfair site.

I have used every single Betfair trading software on the market, and always check any news versions that have appeared, but none come anywhere near the power and flexibility of Betangel. Although some other bots allow you to connect to Excel, Betangel gives more control, and you can build your own bots to be as simple, or as powerful, as you wish.

One thing people can do with Betangel though is overcomplicate what they are doing, by using settings they could probably manage without. So when you first start out, just stick to simple once click in and out trades while you get the hang of it. Once you are making money consistently then you can start automating it.